About Empty Bowl Supper

cityFood insecurity is a very real issue in our own community. One in five people in Leon County struggle to avoid hunger due to a lack of financial resources or consistent access to adequate food. Moreover, nearly half of the households in our area either fall below the poverty line or earn limited incomes and struggle to afford basic household expenses. ECHO exists as a vital resource in times of crisis by providing temporary assistance to individuals and families facing this economic and social condition. Whether it’s a three-day supply of food for a family of four, free furniture and household items, or vouchers for clothing or bus passes through our referral partners, ECHO delivers emergency relief to address urgent needs as a gospel-driven response to help “the least of these.”


Yet we don’t stop there.


Material goods provide hard-working people in Tallahassee relief from short-term emergencies. But it’s in this moment of crisis that ECHO is able to walk alongside them to identify a path forward to stability and opportunity. As a state of emergency shifts into a mindset of empowerment, the resources within our organization and among our community partners help our families equip themselves with the tools and skills to lift themselves out of poverty and vulnerability.


With proceeds from the Empty Bowl Supper, we are able to fulfill our mission to reach the most vulnerable in our community and raise awareness of the significant challenges our neighbors may face on any given day.